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Power distributor – power distributor on construction sites

ELKRAFT® stands for power distribution – power distribution on construction sites.

More than 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of protection systems guarantee a reliable and cost-efficient solution for your requirements. Our power distributors – energy distributors offer many different ways to reliably distribute power on your construction site: ELKRAFT® – rubber distribution boards, construction power distribution cabinets, ELKRAFT® – MINI distribution boards, wall-mounted distribution boards, socket strips, energy distribution boards.

All ELKRAFT® power distribution systems are high quality, robust and comply with current standards and technical regulations. With ELKRAFT®, you get reliable and stable power distribution systems that meet all construction site requirements. Let our expertise convince you and choose the best solution for your project requirements. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you with the selection and installation of your power distribution system.

Product overview ELKRAFT® – Rubber distributor

We plan with you and build your individual ELKRAFT® rubber manifold

Customized manufacturing: You can assemble your required product from a comprehensive pool of components or request a completely individual custom-made product – we support you in every project. We assemble according to your wishes incl. quality inspection according to DGUV regulation 3.

Service that pays off: According to DGUV regulation 3, the purchaser is obliged to carry out an inspection of the electrical safety of portable equipment before use. Elektron Berlin carries out this individual test already after assembly, so that you can immediately use the delivered products in a legally compliant manner.

Product overview – Construction power distribution cabinets

Construction power distribution cabinets are a very useful component used in both industrial and residential areas. These distribution boxes allow the operator to distribute, control and protect the various electrical components in the building. Another important aspect of using building electrical distribution boxes is the safety of the electrical system. The boxes are designed to protect against possible electric shocks by shutting off the power in a timely manner. Furthermore, construction power distribution boxes also prevent damage to the electrical components that can be caused by flashovers or short circuits. All of these safety features, as well as ease of use and long life, make site power distribution cabinets a necessary component for any modern electrical system.

Product overview – ELKRAFT ® – MINI distributor

Our distributors offer various possibilities to transform your cable network into compact and flexible solutions. From our mini distributors you benefit from unprecedented flexibility, safety and reliability. With our ELKRAFT® distributors you can easily manage, expand and optimize your cable networks to fit your needs.

Product overview – Wall distributor

A wall-mounted distribution board is a distribution element that is installed in a wall to connect a variety of electrical devices. It is typically used to connect electricity, but can also be used to distribute data and other signals. A wall-mounted distribution board can be sized with or without broadband shielding. Some models also offer a surge protection function.

Product overview – Power strips

Power strips are convenient small devices that allow you to connect multiple devices to one outlet at the same time. Using a power strip significantly increases the total number of outlets in one place, saving time and space. You can easily connect additional devices such as lamps, computer mice and printers to a power strip, which allows you to turn on several devices at the same time.

Product overview – Energy distributor

An energy distributor is a device that distributes the electrical energy in a power network. It is usually a control cabinet that contains cables and components that distribute the electrical energy. The energy distributor regulates consumption, but is usually used only to distribute electricity, not to control or regulate consumption.