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ELKRAFT® MINI distributor

Handy + light socket distributor for rough use

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ELKRAFT®-MINI-Verteiler | K2

K2 protection

  • Resistant to:
  • High mechanical stress
  • Oils
  • Heavy wetness and high dust load
ELKRAFT®-MINI-Verteiler | Drehfeldanzeige

Rotary field display

  • Detection of feeding errors
  • Display of rotating field direction
  • Prevents accidents and motor damage
ELKRAFT®-MINI-Verteiler | Tragegriff

Carrying handle

  • Comfortable and safe transport
ELKRAFT®-MINI-Verteiler | Absicherung


  • High power to be drawn simultaneously
  • With FI or LS switch
  • High operational safety
ELKRAFT®-MINI-Verteiler | Innenverdrahtung

Internal wiring

  • High wiring cross sections
  • Star wiring of the protective conductor of all sockets
  • High safety against electrical accidents
ELKRAFT®-MINI-Verteiler | Leitungsführung

Cable entry

  • Stable cable entry
  • Secure connection in rough operation

Product information

  • Safe power supply in construction, trade and industry
  • Highest reliability even under extreme loads
  • Ideal for fire departments, well construction, shipyards and event technology
  • Modular system: individual solution for your requirements
  • Robust, handy and splash-proof housing
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • K2 - impact and breakage resistant
  • Resistant to mechanical, electrotechnical and chemical influences
  • Wired ready for connection
  • High wiring cross sections
  • Voltage and rotating field display
  • Practical carrying handle
  • Cover and cable available in 5 colors
  • Mounted with ELPUR® cable and ELPOL® CEE plug or phase inverter

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