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Elektron-Berlin | Company | Andre Vollberg
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Company premises
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Open plan office
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Open plan office

It is the year 1922.

While the Weimar Republic is under increasing pressure, a young, imaginative inventor in Berlin is on his way to Krupp and Bewag on a bicycle. His name is Günther Vollberg and he wants to present his patent to the two major companies: the quadruple fuse. The completely new product speaks for itself, on the way home Vollberg’s bag is filled with orders. Elektron Berlin is born.

A hundred years have now passed since those days. Elektron Berlin has long since become a medium-sized company whose high level of industrial expertise sets standards. Many more products were created that continue to influence the electrotechnical market today. But despite all that time has brought with it, some things have deliberately remained the same. For example, the claim to increase the safety and economic efficiency of the users and to remain a family business. André Vollberg, son of the company founder, continues his father’s self-image unchanged in the 2nd generation: The measurable benefit and the noticeable satisfaction of the customer count – and nothing else!

In the 60s

the company headquarters moves within Berlin-Charlottenburg from Windscheidstr. 18 to Saatwinkler Damm 60 and enters the next growth phase towards the future with innovative architecture.

The open-plan office, which has remained almost unchanged to this day, and the spacious production levels are the cornerstone of the care, efficiency and reliability of our Made In Germany products.

The family and friendly cohesion both in the office and in the field characterized the 70s and 80s, let the sales team grow further and gave Elektron Berlin further market shares and increasing professionalism.

André Vollberg travels tirelessly throughout Germany to train and motivate his sales staff and to supply them with new products. The 1990s are dominated by the new markets in unified Germany and necessitate the addition of two floors to the production building in the same style as the previous main building. Productivity is increased immensely and innovations are pushed forward.

In the new millennium, new product lines are introduced and existing ones are modernized. A new generation of management appears through Marco Eichhorn (current managing director) and, together with André Vollberg, combines the old virtues of Elektron Berlin with the new requirements of the 2000s.

Elektron-Berlin | Company | Building Site 2000s
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Building Site 2000s
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Building Site 2000s
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Building Site 2000s
Elektron-Berlin | Company | Building Site 2000s

The next phase of construction

becomes necessary due to further sales gains. The production building is extended by a further two floors, providing additional storage and production capacity.

The 3rd generation of the Vollberg family (represented by the two partners C. Carl and N. Vollberg as well as the sales manager for France B. Groß-Vollberg) has also found its way into the company in recent years, introduced by André Vollberg.

Together with the management, digitalization, internationalization and personnel restructuring are undertaken in order to shape future-proof steps for further generations of the family and to preserve Elektrons Berlin’s destiny: To provide satisfied customers from construction, trade and industry with the highest precision and quality.

Training expertise

We are convinced that a healthy company has the task of paving the way for a professional and social future for young people. That’s why we have a tradition of training. Tomorrow belongs to young people. In our company, too.

Externally controlled.

Elektron Berlin leaves nothing to chance in production. Highest quality and your safety are our ultimate goal. For this, an external control by the VDE is important. Therefore, we are regularly checked and certified by the VDE.

Certified and tested.

We have all the crucial certificates. These give you additional security in the high quality of our products. In addition, we have our know-how from more than nine decades. This gives you the security of relying on a company that combines grown knowledge with fresh ideas – and that keeps coming up with innovative products.

Reliable partner.

Our sales representatives are your partners and problem solvers. They pass on their skills and experience to you so that you are always at the cutting edge of electrical engineering.

Elektron-Berlin | Company | Company building completed