Elektron Berlin

Elektron Berlin ensures that nothing in their production is left to chance. The highest quality and your safety are our absolute priority. Therefore, an external control by the VDE is significant. This is why we undergo external checks by VDE on a regular basis and are accordingly certified.

Our certificates and our knowledge

We have all crucial certificates. They provide you with an additional trust in the high quality of our products. Our know-how has been gained from more than nine decades. Through this you can be certein that you can rely on the company that combines it’s accumulated knowledge with new revolutionary ideas.

Valuable partner

Our field specialists are your partners and problem solvers. They pass on their know-how and experience, so that you always are up-to-date with the newest advances from Elektron Berlin.

Sales territories

Educational competence

We believe, that a healthy company has a duty to pave the way for young people to the social and vocational future. Therefore, educating the apprentices at our firm has a long tradition, because we think tomorrow belongs to the young.