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Our products come to you after safety inspection – your PLUS in safety!

Every product assembled by our employees is subjected to intensive testing before delivery to you. This is how we guarantee our high standards of product quality and the safety of our electrotechnical products.

Each individual test / safety check is carried out using a prescribed test program and recorded on our premises. Errors are thus excluded.

The successful test is immediately documented for you by the test band or test badge attached to the device. The test results are clearly linked to the product via a serial number. On request, you will receive the detailed test report with all measured values.

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Even special products that have been developed in cooperation with you are tested in our in-house test laboratory, so that we guarantee electrotechnical safety for every product.

Thanks to the individual testing and documentation, our products meet the requirements of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health and DGUV Regulation 3 and can be used directly by you. Initial testing by a qualified electrician is thus no longer necessary.


Every assembled product is tested for you according to DGUV regulation 3!

According to DGUV regulation 3, the purchaser is obliged to carry out a test of the electrical safety of portable equipment before it is used for the first time.

Without this test, which can only be performed by a qualified electrician, the device must not be used. If it is nevertheless used, the contractor is liable in the event of an accident. Elektron Berlin carries out this individual test after installation.

This eliminates the need for you to have the products tested by a qualified electrician, so that you lose no time and can immediately start using the delivered products safely.