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Cable reels, cable drums, scaffolding drums & reels
Convenient storage & efficient transport

Field-proven products in a class of their own: reeling, unwinding and transporting: Cable reels, cable drums, scaffolding drums and rewinders are handy and versatile products that quickly and safely roll up and unroll a wide variety of materials and cables. They ensure efficient and flexible storage and transport, whether on construction sites, in the countryside or in the warehouse.

Product overview – Cable reels / cable drums

Cable reels are a particularly compact and mobile solution to manage a cable. As a rule, they consist of a robust housing and a roller-shaped cable reel. In addition to their lightness, this little one ensures easy cable management and quick operation. Cable reels are available in different sizes and versions. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for stationary and mobile use.

Product overview – Scaffolding drums

Scaffold drums are an indispensable tool in the construction industry. They provide an easy, quick way to erect, move and remove stairs and scaffolding. Our scaffolding drums are available in a variety of sizes and manufactured with high-quality materials to ensure the best possible longevity and meet stringent industry standards. Below we have listed some of our favorite scaffolding drums.

Product overview – Rewinder

Cable reels, also often called cable reels or cable organizers, are a simple and cost-effective solution for preventing cable tangles and tidying up cables neatly. They usually consist of a plastic or metal reel core over which the cable is laid. Available in different sizes, they vary in width, length and diameter to ensure the best user experience.