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Home 9 Products 9 Energy distributor 9 ELKRAFT®-Personal Protection Distributor (PRCD-S) IP54

ELKRAFT®-Personal Protection Distributor (PRCD-S) IP54

with waterproof / pressure waterproof cans

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  • High simultaneous power consumption due to the use of special 3-pole circuit breakers (2HP) and RCD (3HP). High operational safety.

Internal wiring

  • High wiring cross-sections and special protective conductor wiring of all sockets (function of a star wiring) provide high safety against electrical accidents.

Also available with FI type B.

  • This means that it conforms to DIN VDE 0100 Part 704.

Made in Germany

  • Produced according to the highest quality standards.

Lid engraving

  • Upon request, the lid can be individually engraved: Additional theft protection and advertising on site. Mixing up impossible! Customer engraving possible for an additional charge.


  • The feet of the ELKRAFT® fit perfectly into the lid recesses provided.

High quality of the built-in sockets

  • Safety sockets according to VDE 0620-1 with plug sealing rubber bead. The sockets have specially nickel-plated contacts that provide additional corrosion protection and thus ensure optimum electrical conductivity. The protective contact flush-mounting sockets have reinforced protective contacts.

Product information

  • ELKRAFT® -distributor with personal protection switch PRCD-S
  • Version for fire department and disaster control
  • 4 water pressure-tight protective contact sockets 16 A / 250 V (IP68)
  • 2 waterproof CEE-sockets 16 A / 250 V (IP67)

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