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Work equipment + diamond technology
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Work tools and diamond technology are an indispensable part of many industrial applications. Our stands, drill bits, cut-off wheels, cup wheels and work tools offer high quality, safe operation and reliable performance. They are the best choice for a wide range of applications and offer maximum flexibility, precision and durability. Innovative diamond technology eliminates the need to calibrate settings, saving time and productivity.

In addition, our materials are durable and long-lasting, providing excellent value for your operation. Our work tools and diamond technology will ensure your needs are met and your operation runs smoothly. Have you been searching for a high-quality solution for industrial applications? With our products, you get excellent quality at an affordable price.

Product overview – Tripods

Discover our selection of tripod LED lamps – the ideal way to illuminate your workplace or living room. We offer a wide selection of modern light colors and minimalist designs that are guaranteed to fit. You can expect more flexibility when it comes to retrofitting, and you won’t have to worry about energy efficiency either. Enjoy energy efficient, stylish LED lighting for any occasion!

Product overview – Drill bits

Drill bits are cutting tools used to make holes in solid materials, such as concrete, stone or metal. They usually consist of a round disc that has a series of roughing and finishing cutting edges, called teeth, on its surface. This allows them to remove the surface of the material more quickly. Drill bits come in many different sizes, shapes and processing variations.

Product overview – Diamond cutting discs

Diamond cut-off wheels are a special type of cut-off wheels made from diamonds. They offer high cutting performance and longer life than other cut-off wheels. Since they are extremely durable, they are often used in projects where precise and reliable cutting is required.

Product overview – Cup wheels

On the construction site, cup wheels are an indispensable tool. They help to quickly and accurately process metal parts such as pipes and bolts, but also other materials such as wood and plastic. The flange protects the grinding axe from dust and abrasion. Grinding pots are lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to transport and handle. They can also be quickly and easily inserted into a flexible workspace. They are an irreplaceable tool on the construction site.

Product overview – Work equipment

Working fluids such as hoses, couplings and submersible pumps are an integral part of most industrial plants. They are essential for the operation and maintenance of various systems in cooling, heating, compressed air, fluid supply and hydraulic applications. Hoses are typically available in a variety of sizes, lengths and materials to suit many operating needs. Couplings provide a secure connection between different work equipment, while pumps enable the distribution of fluids and gases. All of these working fluids are essential elements in many processes, and for smooth operation and maximum efficiency of industries, they must be regularly checked for function and safety.