The extremely robust cable reel for
building site, craft and industry.

The ELTROM®2 is our cable reel, extremely robust for rough outdoor and indoor use. ELTROM®2 – with ergonomic design optimal in use. With a maximum capacity of 50 meters of 3G2.5 or 40 meters of 5G2.5 cable, the ELTROM®2 is ideal for any work environment – and it is lightweight. This saves time and energy. The materials used ensure safety and reliability in long-term use under the toughest conditions.

Quality for
the best.

The ELTROM®2 is unsurpassed in terms of safety
exceed. This has extensive
Tests show. Our line reel is
mechanically highly resilient: it fulfills
not only the requirements for the
K2 classification According to DGUV information
203-005 (previously BGI 600),
but exceeds the requirements for
the Impact resistance grade IK10
the highest possible value!

ELTROM®2 310/4S

Extremely robust

and comparably safe

IK 10

Impact resistance level


Protection class


Resistant to extreme
mechanical stress


Protection class
(protective insulated)

5 years


Tested, safe and reliable.

Approved for all construction and assembly sites.



Certified by VDE as the safest cable reel outdoors and on construction sites
(at 3G2.5). According to DIN VDE 0620-1 and -300, 0623-100 and DGUV Information 203-005.

crank handle

Space-saving for storage.
High ground clearance prevents injuries.


Resistant to:
High mechanical stress, oils, heavy moisture, high dust load.


Set up and handling

Special axle design prevents “cable spaghetti”. Pinching of the cable between the stand and the reel body is not possible.

Voltage display +
Thermal protection

Integrated voltage display.
Integrated thermal protection
Applied voltage
immediately visible.
Simplifies troubleshooting.



Centrally axially positioned
Steplessly adjustable.
Easy handling.

Drum engraving

Individual engraving possible. Anti-theft and advertising. Confusion excluded.

changing room

50 m ELPUR® cable 3G2.5 – 40 m 5G2.5.
Kink-free cable entry.

Made in Germany

Highest quality for construction,
craft and industry.

Weight saving

30% lighter than comparable line reels.

Ring wiring

Protective conductor and further wiring ensured via two paths. Maintenance of the protective conductor function in case of simple wire breakage. Load current sharing protects components and connections.

VDE certified
recessed socket outlet

According to DIN VDE 0620-1 with rubber sealing rim.


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Stress test:


Our colleague Daemon Stoner tests one of our top products. He is not squeamish – just as it is on the construction site: rough, unyielding and demanding – perfect for our ELTROM®2.

As individual as your requirements.

The ELTROM®2 is a tailor-made product for professionals.


The ELTROM®2 is not only technically an individual product – just for you. You can also personalize the appearance of our cable reel. With up to 20 characters drum engraving, 120 characters line imprint and the choice of 5 different signal colors, make your ELTROM®2 an advertising medium for you and also more theft-proof.