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Extra-low voltage – in Transformers & Protective Separations

Extra-low voltage & protective separation

Extra-low voltage, transformers and protective separation are important protective measures in buildings, to increase safety and comfort. Extra-low voltage devices are especially necessary for the safe operation of electrical equipment, include low-voltage equipment that operates in a power system. A transformer is an electrical device used to convert current and/or voltage. The transformer converts the current so that it remains smaller, larger or the same. A disconnecting device, also called a protective disconnecting device, disconnects a voltage source from the power system in which it is connected. Protective disconnecting devices protect lines and electronic equipment from self-inflicted vibration-induced interference. A safety transformer refers to a type of transformer that is ideal for generating protective extra-low voltage for low-voltage installations. Such a transformer contains a protective primary coil that reduces pulses from extraneous sources and transient shutdowns.

Product overview – Extra-low voltage devices

We offer a range of low voltage devices suitable for various applications. Our devices are easy to install, robust and efficient. We also offer technical support for each of our products. Our extra-low voltage devices: extra-low voltage bracket: ideal for use in living rooms or environments that limit space, extra-low voltage relay: for easy control of electrical equipment, extra-low voltage transformer: for reliable operation in our network, extra-low voltage straightener: for precise measurement and control of voltage settings, extra-low voltage protection: to protect your equipment from voltage fluctuations and surges.