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Connection distribution cabinets

Your individual connections

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Secure door lock

  • Drop bolt with spring support
    Protection against unintentional door slam

ISO housing cover

  • Sealable quick release fasteners
  • Protective insulated structure

Sheet thickness

  • From 1.25 – 1.5 mm

Crane eye

  • Pivotable
  • Rear mounted on manifold
  • Wall mounting possible

Sheet steel housing with base

  • Splash-proof IP44
  • Stable galvanized base frame
  • Space-saving transport possible

High quality electrical fixtures

  • Highest reliability and safety
  • All internals incl. RCD switch are insulated
  • Measuring range IP54


  • High power to be drawn simultaneously
  • 3 pole circuit breaker with 4 pole ground fault circuit interrupter
  • High operational safety

Product information

  • Special supply point according to DIN VDE 0100 part 704
  • For the connection of AC and three-phase consumers on construction sites
  • Condition: Customer's own supply line not longer than 30 meters
  • Condition: EVU does not require a separate connection cabinet
  • Additional installation of certified intermediate meter possible
  • Housing made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Weatherproof powder coating RAL 2000 yellow-orange
  • Galvanized base frame with floor fastening
  • Swiveling crane lugs, handles and wall fastening
  • All internals incl. FI-protective circuit breaker insulated

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