ELTROM®2-cable reel
Extremely robust cable reel made of special rubber for the rough conditions in industry, construction sector, handcraft and farming
ELKRAFT®- rubber distributor
Extremely handy, compact, small and light rubber distributor with high security potential
VDE certification, TÜV approval for EX-areas, the highest cut- and tear resistance, the best abrasion resistance
LED-compact work light 100 W
Extremely resistant - IK10, High efficiency: 13,200 lumens at just 100 watts

Elektron Berlin

Competence of the roots of tradition

It’s year 1922. While the Weimar Republic is under growing pressure, in Berlin, the young innovative thinker riding a bicycle is on his way to Krupp and to Bewag. His name is Günther Vollberg and he wants to introduce to both enterprises his patent: the quadruple circuit protection. The brand new product speaks for itself, on his way back is Vollberg’s bag full with contracts. Elektron Berlin is born.

100 Years Elektron Berlin