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Protective contact material from Elektron Berlin – can save your life!

What are the types of protective contact sockets?

Type F (“Schuko”, short for “protective contact”) is the standard. Type C (Euro plug) is common for devices with protective insulation and low power consumption. Type C outlets are less common, existing in space-saving multiple outlets and in older installations.

How does a protective contact work?

The protective contact connection discharges dangerous voltages in advance as soon as the electrical circuit is closed by the other two poles. Or in other words: When inserting the plug, the protective contact should make contact first, and only then the other two poles.

Product overview – earthing contact material

For decades, Elektron Berlin has been the expert in the development and production of protective contact material that scores with optimal properties for use in industry, trade and many other areas. This system of plugs and sockets is internationally known as plug type F and is characterized by the so-called protective contact for the discharge of fault currents. We carry an extensive portfolio and reliably supply our customers with top-quality products tailored to their needs.

Product overview – PRCD-S as an effective occupational safety device

Unfortunately, electrical accidents still occur far too often in everyday commercial work. Effective measures should be taken to reduce this risk. Thus, it is strongly recommended to use a PRCD-S personal protection as a portable residual current device that automatically evaluates residual currents. The abbreviation PRCD-S stands for Portable Residual Current Device – Safety. Elektron Berlin is your competent partner for protective devices that make working with electricity much safer.

The PRCD-S is the only portable protective device that meets the requirements of DGUV Information 203-006 (previously BGI 608) for a permissible connection point (supply point).

It is connected between the feeding socket and a socket distributor, or the consumer, and detects all electrical faults in both directions.

Only the PRCD-S personal protection checks whether, among other things, the protective conductor is present at all and free of faults – a guarantee of survival. Undervoltage tripping, external voltage detection, missing neutral or phase are other important tests that provide a plus in safety. In the event of a fault, the current flow is interrupted immediately or the PRCD-S cannot be switched on at all, so that the danger to life is averted. A must for every responsible company! The PRCD-K was specially developed for operation on generators.

Product overview – Personal protection distributor

Personal protection distributors protect people from electrical damage. They are an ideal solution for the safe use of electrical applications and equipment. Personal protection distributors provide the needed protection for devices such as computers, refrigerators, heaters and other electrical devices of various kinds. They prevent accidents from occurring and danger to life from lurking, especially with the older devices. Installation of these circuit breakers is quick and easy, making them a very cost-effective solution for protecting your electrical systems and equipment.

Other products – with PRCD-S

The cable drum with PRCD-S offers a versatile and efficient solution to provide reliable power to your various devices and equipment. Its robust construction and built-in PRCD-S make the cable drum ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.