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LED lighting – on construction sites or in the interior
and exterior of workshops.

LED lighting or LED spotlights are a cost-effective, energy-efficient and long-lasting solution for use on construction sites, in workshops and indoors and outdoors (outdoor lights and indoor lights). We offer a wide range of energy distributors for lighting applications, including shop lighting, area lighting, handheld lights, and task lights. Our LED lighting is well below energy regulations to optimize their operation and achieve savings without compromising on product quality and durability. Our combination of standard and custom lighting can meet any application with a variety of connection options and installation choices. While similar systems can quickly become very costly and mismanaged, customers can rest assured that our LED lighting systems are a cost-effective and uniquely intelligent investment for the future.

The right luminaire for the corresponding ceiling height!

An overview of which luminaire is suitable for which suspension height, you will find here.

Online lighting plan – safety when buying!

With our online lighting plan feature, you can be sure to buy not only the right spotlight, but also the right number of LED spotlights from us.

Product overview – Hall lighting + area lighting + outdoor lamps

Hall lighting is a technique used for lighting large spaces such as halls, department stores, exhibition halls and factories. It is also suitable for outdoor lighting. It usually involves a series of powered luminaires installed at specific distances and heights on walls. Area lighting is a lighting technique in which the lighting sources are spot mounted in the ceiling or on the wall to provide uniform illumination in the room. Most types of area and high bay lighting use today’s technologies, such as energy-efficient lamps and advanced control systems, to produce controlled, comfortable light that minimizes energy use and provides a higher level of fit and function.

Product overview – Hand lamps + work lamps

Hand lamps and work lamps are reliable and energy-efficient light sources that can be used in various environments. Whether for home use or for professional use, these lights perform a variety of functions. Handheld lights, for example, are ideal for working at heights, while work lights enable comfortable and precise work in poorly lit environments. Thanks to their robust and durable construction, hand lamps and work lights are extremely durable and can help reduce energy costs.