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Home 9 Products 9 Energy distributor 9 ELKRAFT®-Personal Protection Distributor (PRCD-S)

ELKRAFT®-Personal Protection Distributor (PRCD-S)

5pin for three phase current

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Rotating field display

  • Detection of infeed faults and rotating field direction. Prevents accidents and motor damage on three-phase drives.


  • High simultaneous power consumption due to the use of special 3-pole circuit breaker (2HP) and RCD (3HP) with PRCD-S. High operational safety.
Individuelle Kundengravur gegen Aufpreis möglich.

Individual customer engraving possible for an additional charge.

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  • This product comes to you already individually tested according to DGUV-V3 and is therefore ready for immediate use.
Made in Germany

Made in Germany

  • Produced according to the highest quality standards.


  • The feet of the ELKRAFT® fit perfectly into the lid recesses provided.
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Sponsored by BG Bau.

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Product information

  • Connection point according to DGUV Information 203-006, mandatory on construction and assembly sites
  • Prevents power accidents due to mains faults and defective loads
  • All-pole disconnection before switching on
  • Restart protection after tripping
  • RCD with 30 mA for personal protection
  • Fault detection on the power grid:
    • Missing protective conductor
    • External voltage on the protective conductor
    • Missing phases or neutral
    • Outer conductor and protective conductor interchanged
    • Outer conductor and neutral conductor interchanged
    • Overvoltage and undervoltage
    • Wrong direction of rotating field
    • Fault detection on consumers
    • Short circuit and fault currents
  • High wiring cross sections
  • Inert C automats
  • Voltage and rotating field display
  • K2 - extremely robust and resistant to environmental influences
  • Practical carrying handles
  • Stackable

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