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Custom engraving Anti-theft and advertising at the same time.

Elektron-Berlin | engraving on drum | engraving_ELTROM_yellow

High quality engraving on our ELTROM®2.

Custom engraving is an effective and inexpensive method of advertising, and at the same time can help prevent potential theft. Thanks to state-of-the-art laser systems, permanent lettering is possible and can be designed to stand out from the competition. The engravings are extremely robust and abrasion-resistant.

This way you can offer your customers recognition value and at the same time protect your products from theft in an effective way. With Individual Customer Engraving, you get professional engraving that effectively underlines your brand as well as prevents theft – and all without costly installation!

Electron-Berlin | engraving on drum | engraving_ELTROM_pink
Elektron-Berlin | Engraving_ELKRAFT Distributor

Custom engraving on drum and lid

With our custom engraving on drums and lids, you can put your unique stamp on your product. Your name or a quote, our engravings on drums and lids are precise and perfectly executed. Our engraving service emphasizes your personal added value, making it unique. Engravings can be laser engraved on all of our drums and lids, giving us a wide range of ordering options. Learn more about the customized engravings that make our products unique!