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With our ordering and shipping service, you will get a reliable and easy ordering and shipping service that will help you get your purchases home quickly and easily. We offer a smooth ordering process and fast shipping, so you will receive your products quickly and easily. Our customer service is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to provide you with a straightforward ordering and shipping process that gives you fast delivery and a hassle-free ordering experience. Let us help you get your purchases delivered to your home as easily and quickly as possible.


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Elektron-Berlin | Ordering and shipping service | Disposable corrugated cardboard drums

Disposable armor corrugated cardboard drums

  • For unmounted residual lengths
  • Upon request, the delivery of the unassembled residual lengths ELPUR® line on drums from armor corrugated cardboard
  • Cable lengths exceeding the capacity of the armored corrugated cardboard drums (see table below) are supplied on sturdy, reusable wooden drums Ø 800 mm + 500 mm.


Line cross-section Drum / Wood
800 mm Ø
Drum / Wood
500 mm Ø
Drum / Corrugated board
480 mm Ø
2X1,0 up to max. 1.600 m up to max. 1.200 m up to max. 480 m
2X1,5 up to max. 1.600 m up to max. 900 m up to max. 350 m
3G1,5 up to max. 1.500 m up to max. 700 m up to max. 350 m
3G2,5 up to max. 1.000 m up to max. 600 m up to max. 250 m
5G1,5 up to max. 1.000 m up to max. 500 m up to max. 250 m
5G2,5 up to max. 700 m up to max. 300 m up to max. 150 m
5G4,0 up to max. 500 m up to max. 250 m up to max.100 m
5G6,0 up to max. 400 m up to max. 200 m up to max. 90 m
Elektron-Berlin | Order and shipping service | Wooden drums

Wood drums

  • For the supply of assembled high conductor cross-sections e.g. 25 mm².
  • Robust and stable
  • Use as often as desired
  • Up to 1,600 m, depending on drum diameter
    and cross section
  • Outer diameter: Ø 800 & 500 mm