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ELPOL® earthing contact plug

16 A / 250 V

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Protective contact

  • Strong, wide and safe protective contact
  • 10 mm long sliding contact

Quick release fastener

  • 90° rotation for closing and opening

Electron support

  • Prevents strand breakage and elongation
  • Has a tension relieving effect

Ergonomic handle

  • Ergonomic and non-slip handle
  • Safe use in all weather conditions

Double strain relief

  • Protection against tearing out the cable
  • Safe strain relief under extreme tensile load


  • Rollover resistant
  • Impact resistant

Kink protection cover

  • Additional protection against strand breakage

Voltage display

  • Simplifies troubleshooting
  • Reduces downtime


  • Secure, firm and tight connection
  • Plopp effect

Quick screw fitting IP 68

  • Water- and dust-tight
  • No water ingress into the terminal compartment

Product information

  • Special material mix for absolute dimensional stability under the toughest conditions
  • Rollover-proof, extremely resilient
  • Quick assembly by means of high-quality screw lock
  • Largely resistant to oil, alkalis, chemicals
  • Mechanical latching: Firm connection of plug and coupling (plop effect)
  • Snap-on bead ensures firm seating of the plug
  • Double décharge de traction :
    • Renforcé de fibres de verre avec barbillon
    • Vissage rapide IP68 à l'entrée du câble (effet d'étau)
  • Douille de protection contre le pliage évite les ruptures de câble
  • Pour câbles jusqu'à 3G2,5

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