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ELPREN® connection cable

ELPREN® cable: H05RR-F: 2×1.0 and 2×1.5 | H07RN-F: 3G1.5

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Weather resistance

Weather resistance

  • Optimal use in sun, rain, snow from -40°C to +90 °C.
Customized line imprint

Customized line imprint

  • The customer imprint on the ELPUR® line protects you from theft by marking your property.
Immediate detection of damage to the ELPUR® line

Immediate detection of damage to the ELPUR® line

The white inner color of the ELPUR® cable has clear advantages over common cables, such as heavy rubber cable H07RN-F, for quick detection of sheath damage.

Customized for you from the roll

Customized for you from the roll

  • We manufacture cable reels, cable retractors, extension and connection cables, rubber distributors and work lights especially for your requirements and according to your wishes.

Product information

  • Special support element protects live strands
  • No tearing out of the cable from connected device
  • Free cable end with other end sleeve
  • ELPREN® line:
    • H05RR-F: 2x1,0 and 2x1,5
    • H07RN-F: 3G1,5

Technical data

Structure data

Minimum bending radius for flexible use: 3-5 x line-⌀ (depending on cross-section)
Temperature moved -25 °C to +60 °C
Rated voltage 300 / 500 V 2×1.0/2×1.5
450 / 700 V from 3G1.5
Stranded wire structure flexible according to VDE 0295 class 5
2×1,0 / 2×1,5 H05RR-F, from 3G1.5: H07RN-F

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