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Home 9 Products 9 CEE material 9 ELPOL® CEE phase inverter

ELPOL® CEE phase inverter

Rotation of the phase pins possible with and without screwdriver

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Optimal strain relief

  • Slat insert:
    • Seals the line tightly
    • Prevents pulling out

Ergonomic shape

  • Non-slip nap:
    • Secure grip
    • Perfect handling in all weather conditions

Quick screw fitting IP67

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Vibration and breakage resistant
  • No water ingress into the terminal compartment
  • High electrical safety

Quick assembly

  • Large connection space: simple, quick assembly
  • Easy opening and closing by pushbutton / latch

Dimensional stability

  • Rollover-proof
  • Extremely resilient

Screwless connection technology

  • Safe, time-saving assembly – no screwing!
    Simply clamp contacts

In 5 signal colors

  • Blue, Orange, Green, Pink + Yellow


  • Use with and without ferrule possible

Phase inverter

  • Turning the phase pins
    with and without screwdriver

Hybrid technology (phase inverter)

  • 3 screwless contacts – reduced assembly effort
  • 2 screw contacts on rotatable rotor: optimum tensile strength

Product information

  • High breaking strength / dimensional stability
  • Extremely resilient
  • For use under the toughest conditions
  • Degree of protection IP44 / quick screw connection: IP67
  • Largely resistant to oil, alkalis and chemicals
  • Strain relief by quick screw connection at the cable entry (vice effect)
  • Large connection space (cable diameter at 16 A: 8.5 - 16.5 mm, at 32 A: 13 - 22 mm)
  • Latching of the quick-action screw connection: No automatic loosening in the event of vibration
  • Screwless connection technology for all conductor types with or without ferrules
  • Nickel-plated contacts: increased corrosion protection in humid and aggressive environments
  • Differentiation possible through colored quick connectors

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