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Our new testing facility starts operation

New information on testing and test protocols for Elektron Berlin products

Tests according to DGUV V3:

The products assembled by Elektron Berlin are tested according to DGUV V3 before shipment. As a result, our customers can use the products (after a visual inspection) to and would not have to undergo a time-consuming initial test by a qualified electrician. This saves the customer time and money. This one from us offered service is unique according to our research, i.e. a real unique selling proposition for Elektron Berlin products.

Our tested products can be recognized by the blue banderole on the cable or a yellow test sticker On request, customers also receive a test report. According to DGUV V3, the customer should keep this until the next inspection. We are pleased to inform you that our new testing facility has started full operation.

Elektron-Berlin | Security Check
Elektron-Berlin | Security Check