ELPUR® connection cable

16 A / 250 V with molded plug

The ELPUR® is a specially developed polyurethane wire that can be used is all sectors. The VDE approved the ELPUR® as a flexible wire that can get used outdoors with a high mechanical load.

Question about the product

Immediate detection of damage

Easy to detect damage because of the white colour at the damaged part. This saves time for the visual examination as Required by the DGUV Information 203-006 and DGUV- Regulation 3.

Resistance to weather

Ideal usage in the Sun, Rain and Snow, everything between -40°C to +90°C

Custom imprint

The customer’s print on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisemen

Elektron Tragorgan

A supporting element so that the lead doesn’t get ripped out.

Technical specifications