H05RR-F / H07RN-F

•The EPREN®-wire especially got developed for the building industry. The basis of the ELPREN®-wire rely on the VDE-WIRETYPES H05RR-F (2X1,0/2X1,5) and the H07RN-F ( onwards from the 3G7,5)
•Perfect usage in wet moist and wet conditions, the ELPREN®-wire is perfectly made for medium mechanical load
•Perfect for commercial devices with 250V/400V, portable engines, portable lamps, portable circulars saws and portable machines
•It’s also perfect for jobs in the welding sector
•The ELPREN®-wire also gets used on provisional construction sites and barracks
•Through the striking colour blue and yellow, a firm identity is created that protects from the risk of confusion and theft
•It is possible to have a custom print on your ELPREN®-wier (up to 120 signs). The print is getting printed with gaps of 50cm which helps from the risk of confusion and theft
•ELPREN® is a registered trade mark from Elektron Berlin

Question about the product

Custom imprint

The Customer’s imprint on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisement

Technical specifications

  • Minimum bend radius for flexible use
    3 to5 x Leitungs-Ø (depending on the cross-section)
  • Temperature range moved
    -25 °C to+60 °C
  • Nominal voltage
    300 / 500 V 2X1,0 / 2X1,5 450 / 700 V from 3G1,5
  • Stranded conductor structure
    fine-wire according to VDE 0295 class 5
  • Approbation
    VDE 0282 part 4 HD22.453
  • 2X1,0 / 2X1,5
  • from 3G1,5