Security cable

Safety cable with protective conductor identification PRCD-S

The PRCD-s is the only potable protective device that fulfils the requirements of the DGUV-Information 203-006 (used to be BGI 608) at an approved connection point. The PRCD-S will get plugged in between the socket and the electric consumer and detects all electric flaws in both directions.

Only the PRCD-S tests if there even is an earth wire present and free from flaws – This is a survival guarantee

The PRCD-S can detect under voltage, external voltage or a missing neutral conductor. If a flaw is detected the energy flow is discontinued respectively you can not even turn the PRCD-S on so that there is no risk of death.

A necessity for every responsible Enterprise

Question about the product

Custom customer imprint up to 120 signs

The customer’s imprint on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisement

Colour variants

You can choose between 5 bright colours. Blue – Orange – Green – Pink – Yellow

Also available in metall casing

When a waterproof plug connection is required. (IP67/IP68)

Also available as PRCD-K

The PRCD-K especially got developed for electricity generators in the building style A (only protection potential compensation)

Technical specifications