ELPUR® CEE-Extension cable

Off the reel, tailor-made for you

The ELPUR®-CEE is a specially developed polyurethane-cable developed for all fields of application. The VDE approved the ELPUR® as a flexible wire that can get used outdoors with a high mechanical load.

Quality characteristics:
• Wear resistant
• Robust
• Through the polyurethane coat and the Rubber isolation the ELPUR®-CEE cable is wear free
• Through the safety wire in the ELPUR®-cables they can resist the highest load without taking any damage
• Due to the high quality of the ELPUR® the cables can get used in risky environments like near Oil, Acids and leach

Question about the product

Custom imprint

The Customer’s print on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisement

Resistance to weather

Ideal usage in the Sun, Rain and Snow, everything between -40°C to +90°.

Immediate detection of damage

Easy to detect damage because of the white colour at the damaged part. This saves time for the visual examination as required by the DGUV Information 203-006 and DGUV- Regulation 3.

High flexibility

It has a really good flexibility up to -40C and there will be no crack in the wire and it is wear resistant.

Weight / Volume
30% savings comparing with a similar rubber cable H07RN-F
Individual test according to DGUV-V3 (formerly BGV A3)
Every assembled product is tested for you according to DGUV regulation 3 (formerly BGV A3). The successful test is documented by the test band attached to the device.

Technical specifications

  • Stranded conductor structure
  • Ader-Ident-Code
    VDE 0293-308
  • Protective conductor
    green / yellow
  • VDE-certified
    ELPUR HD22.10
  • Minimum bend radius for flexible use
    3–6 x cable Ø (depending on the cross-section)
  • Temperature range
    –40°C to+90°C
  • Nominal voltage U0/U (HAR)
    450/750 V from 1,5 qmm (H07BQ-F) 300/500 V 1,0 qmm (H05BQ-F)
  • Tear resistance
    300 N
  • Test voltage
    3.000 V
  • Isolation: specific volume resistivity
    > 10 GΩ x cm