ELKRAFT® rubber distributor with three-phase meter

- Extremely handy, compact, small and light rubber distributor with high security potential
- Safety sockets in accordance with VDE 0620-1 with plug-sealing rubber bead
- Large wiring cross-sections
- Protected with FI
- Slow C type MCBs
- High electric safety
- Indication of feed errors and rotary field direction
- Stackable
- Safe power supply in construction sector, handcraft, industry, for fire departments, well building, shipyards and in event industry
- The ELKRAFT® would be tailor-made according to your requirements and wishes, in a modular system
- Material tests confirm safe functioning of ELKRAFT® even under extreme mechanical, electrotechnical and chemical stress
- Special construction protects the built-in sockets and protective elements against any mechanical damage in rough working conditions
- Impact and break resistant – extreme weather resistance ensures the highest operating reliability in any area

Question about the product

Bidirectional meter

For registering the exact energy consumption with FI protection.


The feet of ELKRAFT® fit optimally in the intended cover recesses.

Rotary field indicator

Detection of feed errors and rotary field direction. Prevents the accidents and engine damage of three-phase drives.

Technical specifications