ELKRAFT® rubber distributor with 4 FI protective switches

Safe work with generators

• Article in compliance with DGUV Regulation 203-032 (as of May 2016) for operating with electricity generators on construction sites and assembly sites
• Generator with only one resource connected
• Please note! No other load should be connected to the generator without additional protections - neither via multi-port distributor nor via cable reel
• The protection against electric schock when connecting more loads is to be achieved by means of the following actions: Each load is always assigned with a residual current device (RCD or PRCD) with residual current tripping ≤ 30mA (0,03A)

• ELKRAFT® rubber distributor with CEE 16 A socket with FI 40/0,03A 4-pole, and additional Schuko sockets, each assigned with own FI switch 25/0,03A 2-pole

Question about the product

Rotary field indicator

Detection of feed errors and rotary field direction. Prevents the accidents and engine damage of three-phase drives.


The feet of ELKRAFT® fit optimally in the intended cover recesses.

Inner wiring

Large wiring cross-sections and special protective conductor wiring of all sockets (of star wiring function) provide high level of protection against electrical accidents.

All-round protection

The ELKRAFT® top cover and the peripheral lower protection bead take over the protective function as a roll bar and prevent damaging the built-in sockets even in the most extreme situations.

Impact and break-proof
Tough material tests
confirmed the safe function of the ELKRAFT® even under extreme mechanical, electrical and chemical loads
Modular system
The ELKRAFT® is made to measure according to your personal requirements and wishes

Technical specifications

  • Widt
    390 mm
  • Depth
    250 mm
  • Hight
    240 mm