ELKRAFT® distributor MI, all current sensitive

• For operating with frequency inverter controlled equipment such as cranes and concrete saws.
• Type of the upstreamed FI is irrelevant: also usable in a row after a pulse current sensitive FI (type A)
• Simply plug and get started!
• Extremely handy, compact, small and light rubber distributor with high security potential
• Stackable
• Safe power supply in construction sector, handcraft, industry, for fire departments, well building, shipyards and in event industry
• Material tests confirm safe functioning of ELKRAFT® even under extreme mechanical, electrotechnical and chemical stress
• Special construction protects the built-in sockets and protective elements against any mechanical damage in rough working conditions
• Impact and break resistant – extreme weather resistance ensures the highest operating reliability in any area

Question about the product

Rotary field indicator

Detection of feed errors and rotary field direction. Prevents the accidents and engine damage of three-phase drives.


The feet of ELKRAFT® fit optimally in the intended cover recesses.

Inner wiring

Large wiring cross-sections and special protective conductor wiring of all sockets (of star wiring function) provide high level of protection against electrical accidents.

All-round protection

The ELKRAFT top cover and the peripheral lower protection bead take over the protective function as a roll bar and prevent damaging the built-in sockets even in the most extreme situations.

Impact and break-proof
extreme weather resistance ensures maximum operational reliability in every area
Special construction
protects built-on sockets and fuse elements from mechanical damage during rough work
Tough material tests
confirmed the safe function of the ELKRAFT® even under extreme mechanical, electrical and chemical loads

Technical specifications

  • Width
    390 mm
  • Depth
    250 mm
  • Height
    240 mm