Protective switch board „Kraftstrom“

16 A and 32 A (PRCD-S)

• As the only portable protection device, the PRCD-S fulfills the standards of the DGUV information 203-006 (earlier BGI 608) of the permissible connection point (feedpoint). It should be mounted between the feeding socket and socket distributor respectively the user to recognise any electricity faults in both directions.
• Only the PRCD-S checks if i.a. the protective conductor is available, in the first place, and if it is fault-free – a guarantee of survival.
• Undervoltage release, external voltage detection, missing neutral conductor or phase – these are another important tests that offer additional safety. Any faults detected result with an immediate cut-off of current flow, respectively the PRCD-S cannot then be switched on, at all, so that possible danger to life is being averted.
• A must-have for every responsible facility!
• Custom engraving available at extra charge.

Question about the product

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions without internals
  • Width
    450 mm
  • Depth
    120 mm
  • Hight
    80 mm