Construction site distribution cabinets

with all-current sensitive FI protective switch

Construction according to:
• DIN VDE 0100 - 410
• DIN VDE 0664 - 100
• VDE 0100-530
• DGUV Information 203-006
• With a separate CEE socket 63 A / 400 V, protected with an all-current sensitive FI switch
• For connecting frequency controlled systems and devices such as:
- cranes
- conveyors
- stone cutting machines
- frequency converters
- DC drives and servo drives
- lift controllers
- conveyor systems
- transformers
- adjustable ventilations (f. e. in the agriculture)
- rectifying welding devices

Question about the product

Safe door locking

Drop bolt supported with a spring.

ISO housing cover

With sealable quick connectors.
Totally insulated mounting.

Electrical components of high quality

  • Only top quality electrical components are used for installation – this guarantees high reliability.
  • All components, up to and including FI switch, have protective insulation.
  • The part with measuring equipment is, according to DIN 43870, in protection IP54.

Steel plate housing with base frame

  • Housing in IP44 protection class.
  • The construction site power distributors stand on the stable galvanised base frame.
  • Due to the special construction it is possible to spare place when transporting.
  • There is additional floor mounting possibility with a ground nail, what gives a safe stand.
For the connection of frequency-controlled systems and devices:
Conveyor belts
Stone cutting machines
frequency converter
DC and servo drives
Adjustable ventilation (e.g. in agriculture)

Technical specifications

  • Protection class
  • Sheet thickness
    1,25 - 1,50 mm