16 A / 32 A / 400 V, 5-pole

ELPOL® CEE connection – a development in CEE segment based on many years of customer experience

•Special material ensures high break strength/form stability even in the hardest conditions of industrial use, in construction sector, handcraft, power stations, sewage plants and shipyards
•Extremely resilient
•Level of protection IP44, at the quick screw connection area IP67
•Oils, alkalis and to the greatest possible extent chemicals resistant
•Strain relief due to the quick screw connection at the cable entry (vice-effect)
•Large connection space (cable diameter by 16 A 8,5 – 16,5 mm, by 32 A 13 – 22 mm)
•A detent mechanism of quick screw connector prevents the unwanted release during vibrations
•A screwless connection technology for all conductor types, with or without end sleeves
•Nickel plated contacts
•Differentiation with coloured quick screw connection possible
•Ergonomic design

Question about the product

Quick screw connection IP67

Water- and dust-proof, shake- and break-proof, no water intrusion into the connection area, high electric safety.

Optimum strain relief

Lamellar insert seals the cable up tight, but gently and prevents the tear-off.

Ergonomic grip

Slip-proof knobs ensure a secure grip and perfect handling under any weather conditions.

Quick mounting

Simple and fast montage of the housing with large connection space. Easy to open and close with a push button / bar.

IP protection
Protected against the ingress of solid foreign bodies of diameter > 1 mm and splash-proof.
Screwless connection technology
Safe, time saving cable montage – without any screws! Simply clamp the contacts.
Available in 5 colours
You can choose your favourite from 5 distinctive colours of quick screw connector blue - orange - green - pink - yellow .

Technical specifications