ELTROM®2 cable reel with safety connector

Of the reel, tailor-made for you

• Extremely robust ELTROM®2 cable reel made of special rubber for the rough conditions in industry, construction sector, handcraft and farming
• Chemicals resistant, insensible against petrol and oils
• Stable stand, low weight, high bending strength, with continuously adjustable brake
• 4 splash-proof safety sockets 16 A/250 V in accordance with VDE with self-closing lids IP54
• Cable infeed resistent to bending with strong strain relief
• Certified by VDE for construction sector, outdoor use and damp spaces
• Safety due to the thermal overload protection according to VDE 0620
• Available in 5 colours
• Temperature range -25°C to +55°C

Question about the product

Reel engraving

You can engrave your firms name on the cable drum. This prevents theft and helps with advertisement.

Voltage display/Thermal protector

The integrated voltage display and thermal protector can immediately detect if there is too much voltage and helps you finding the problem.

Foldable crank handle

Helps you save space when packing together. Through the high floor clearance it decreases the chance of a hand injury.

Ring wiring

The protective wire and other wirings are always secure over 2 ways´. Through the second wiring the function of the protective wire will be kept uphold in the case of a wire break. When operating normally it spares the individual components and the terminal through full load distribution.

Made in Germany

Produced according to the highest quality standards.

Custom imprint

The Customer’s imprint on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisement.

Available in 5 colours
The interplay of colours of the cable, socket insert and handle depositor rounds out the picture of the modern ELTROM®2 cable reel optimally. Blue – orange – green – pink – yellow
Weight savings
30% savings when winded with ELPUR cable comparing to cable reels with similar heavy rubber cable H07RN-F.

Technical specifications

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