ELTROM®2 cable reel CEE

Of the reel, tailor-made for you

Extremely robust ELTROM®2- cable reel made of special rubber for the abrasive jobs in the industry, workmanship, and agriculture
•Chemical resistant and insensitive against fuel and oil
•Solid floor stand, light weight, high flexibility and a stepless adjustable break
•Easy cable gland with strong load compensation
•Ideal for deployment on construction sight, outdoors and is moist rooms
•Safety through the thermal protector according to VDE 0620
•Available in 5 colours
•Ideal temperatures between -25C up to +55C
•Dimensions (BxHxT):345 x 394 x 230mm, Ø 310 mm

Question about the product

K2 requirements after DGUV-Information 203-005

Highly resistant against:
•High voltage

Reel engraving

You can engrave your firms name on the cable drum. This prevents theft and helps with advertisement.

Voltage display/Thermal protector

The integrated voltage display and thermal protector can immediately detect if there is too much voltage and helps you finding the problem.

Star wireing

Through the star wiring the protective condctor can assure electrical safety for the user.

Custom imprint

The Customer’s imprint on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisement.

Made in Germany

Produced according to the highest quality standards.

Made in Germany
Highest quality for construction, trade and industry.
Weight saving
30% savings when wrapping with ELPUR® cable compared to cable reels with comparable rubber cable H07RN-F.
Available in 5 colors

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions (BxHxT):
    345 x 394 x 230 mm, Ø 310 mm
  • Temperaturbereich
    –25°C bis +55°C
  • Sicherheit
    Thermo-Überlastschutz nach VDE 0620
  • Einzelprüfung nach DGUV-V3 (früher BGV A3)
    Jedes montierte Produkt wird für Sie nach der DGUV Vorschrift 3 (früher BGV A3) geprüft. Die erfolgreiche Prüfung wird durch die am Gerät angebrachte Prüfbanderole dokumentiert.
  • VDE-zertifizierte Einbau-Steckdose
    Gemäß DIN VDE 0620-1 mit Gummi-Dichtungsrand.