Off the reel, tailor-made for you

The ELTROM®2- Cable Reel can get configured with our ELPUR®-Wires, ELPOL®-safety connector, ELPOL®-CEE connection or the person safety cable PRCD-S, so that it meets your expectations. Every mounted ELTROM®2-cable reel undergoes a test which meets the requirements of the DGUV V3 and can get used immediately.

The custom ELTROM®2- cable reel gets delivered fast and is worth it. It doesn’t matter whether you want safety connection- or a CEE connection, we will deliver your cable reel exactly fitted to your guidelines in the shortest time.
The ELTROM®2 gets produced of high quality ELPUR®-wires and a ELPUR®-safety connector or a CEE-connection. The installation of the person safety cable PRCD is possible. Just send us your requirements and we will produce your order. You will get a top product that meets the requirement of the DGUV V3, and got tested before distribution.

Question about the product

Custom imprint

The Customer’s imprint on the cable prevents theft, is wear resistant and helps with advertisement.

Immediate detection of damage

Easy to detect damage because of the white colour at the damaged part. This saves time for the visual examination as required by the DGUV Information 203-006 and DGUV- Regulation 3.

High flexibility

It has a really good flexibility up to -40C and there will be no crack in the wire and it is wear resistant.


The cable can withstand vehicles that drive over it, is wear-resistant and is perfect for the usage at building sights due to its robustness

Safety Certified by VDE as the safest cable reel for outdoor use and on construction sites (by 3G2,5)
K2 mark according to DGUV
Resistant against: high mechanical stress intensive humidity high dust exposure oils.
Available in 5 colours
Blue – orange – green – pink – yellow
Weight savings

Technical specifications

  • Temperature range
    -25°C to +55°C
  • Individual test in accordance with DGUV-R3
    A successful test is documented with a test banderole attached to the device.
  • 4 splash-proof SCHUKO sockets
    16 A/250 V in accordance with VDE with self-closing lids IP54