Cable reel

450 / CEE / Safety contact

•Extremely robust ELTROM 2- cable reel made of special rubber for the abrasive jobs in the Industry, workmanship, and agriculture
•Chemical resistant and insensitive against fuel and oil
•Solid floor stand, light weight, high flexibility and a stepless adjustable break
•Easy cable gland with strong load compensation
•Ideal for deployment on construction sight, outdoors and is moist rooms
•Safety through the thermal protector that meets the requirements of VDE 0620

Question about the product


Verified VDE wire that is allowed to be used outdoor and on construction sight

Test to meet DGUV-V3 Requirements

Every installed product will get tested to meet the requirements of DGUV-V3. After passing the test the product will get certified.

Elektron Tragoorgan

A supporting element so that the lead doesn’t get ripped out.

Immediate detection of damage

 Easy to detect damage because of the white colour at the damaged part. This saves time for the visual examination as Required by the DGUV Information 203-006 and DGUV- Regulation 3.

Technical specifications

  • Hight:
    450 mm
  • Width:
    400 mm
  • Depth:
    310 mm
  • Temperature range
    –20 °C to+55 °C