CEE motor protection plug

400V / 32 A or 16 A, IP67

For switching and protecting e.g. Three-phase motors up to 15 KW (380 / 400V) for pumps, circular saws and industrial motors, etc. The CEE motor protection plug offers you reliable protection against thermal overload and short circuit.

Question about the product

Phase inverter

Rotating of the phase contacts is possible with – and also without – screwdriver.

Cable entry M25/M32

Robust cable entry for long life-span.

Rotary field control

Protection against mechanical damage at incorrect rotation direction.

Screw holes beyond the sealing geometry

High protection range IP67 due to the solid sealing design.

ustproof and waterproof
Ideal for use under the harshest conditions
With temperature compensation and magnetic release
The reset after tripping in case of overload is done manually
Mechanical on-off switch with rotary knob operation
Custom engraving possible
Up to 15 signs

Technical specifications

  • Voltage
    400 V 50/60Hz
  • Power
    32 A oder 16 A
  • Tripping current range
    Depends on model 2,5A to 32A
  • Protection class (housing)
  • Output
    Cable gland M32 (32 A) or M26 (16 A)
  • Protection class
  • Impact resistance level
  • Housing material
  • Temperature
    -25°C bis +40°C
  • Dimensions (LxBxH)
    324 x 97 x 95 mm