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Water hose ELAQUA 2.0

Water hose 1/2″ and 3/4

Schlau ELAQUA 2.0

Multilayer structure

  • Water hose with maximum robustness and flexibility.

Flexible use

  • Optional also for our quick coupling systems.

Customer imprint


Advantages of the anti-twist system

  • However, the jersey fabric with anti-twist system creates a counter-rotation the spiralized structure a counter-rotation movement, which absorbs the torque of the absorbs.

Product information

Beschreibung ELAQUA Wasserschlauch 2.0

  • Flexible professional water hose
  • Dimensionally stable due to integrated tricot fabric
  • Special anti-twist system
  • For construction sites, industry, gardening/landscaping and agriculture
  • 5-layer construction
  • Signal color orange: Reduction of accident risk
  • Individual customer imprint
  • UV-resistant cover
  • Integration of common coupling systems possible
  • Available in rolls of 50 m or 100 m

No annoying twisting or knotting!

A cross or a conventional tricot fabric run parallel to the hose axis. As a result, the normal tricot fabric rotates with the rotational movement of the hose. This results in twisting of the hose. The tricot fabric with anti-twist system, however, creates an area of
the anti-twist system generates a counter-rotation movement which absorbs the torque of the hose. Since the tricot fabric with anti-twist system extends over the entire length of the hose, it ensures that the entire mass of the hose can work.
can work. The result is an exceptionally high flexibility and mobility of the hose without twisting or knotting.
ELAQUA 2.0 Drill

High quality material blend

Only the best materials are used for the production of the ELAQUA 2.0 water hose. The selection and quality assurance of the materials is carried out under strict regulations. We use only primary granulate for the production. Inferior re-granulates are not used. These are never as high in quality and resistance as granules from the initial production.
as granules from the initial production. The material used is also REACH-compliant and does not contain any additives (e.g. coal, chalk, etc.).
or chalk, etc.). These would impair the quality and resistance of the granules.

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