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Elektron Berlin tests its products to the limit – you can see what comes out here:

Stress test for the ELTROM®2 cable reel from Elektron BerlinELTROM®2 von Elektron Berlin

Our colleague Daemon Stoner is testing one of our top products again. He is not squeamish and it seems to be really fun to give our Eltrom 2 a real one. Have fun looking.

The new LED compact work lamp from Elektron Berlin

You will not believe what the LED compact work lamp 100W from Elektron Berlin can withstand. Our product tester Daemon Stoner tested our new professional light and was anything but squeamish. See for yourself!

Stress test for the Eltrom 2 cable reel from Elektron Berlin

The exclusive ELPUR® cable from Elektron Berlin is THE reliable partner for tough use on the construction site or in the trade. Extremely impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant and flexible.

ELKRAFT® rubber distributor in the endurance test!

Our ELKRAFT® rubber distributor in the endurance test! Among other things, we let heavy rock fall onto our ELKRAFT® - AND FROM A CRANE!
Did our ELKRAFT® withstand that?