Guarantee terms for the LED lights

The Elektron Berlin GmbH, Saatwinkler Damm 60, 13627 Berlin – hereinafter called the „Manufacturer“ – shall grant an applied at the time of purchase Guarantee period on the LED products under the Elektron Berlin brand, from the invoice date. This Guarantee applies only to the Customers, which, firstly, purchased the product in a member state of the EU or EFTA and, secondly, operate there

The Guarantee is granted under the following conditions:

  • 1. The products may only be installed and used for the meant purpose and in compliance with Manufacturer’s terms of installation and operation, as specified in available product information (instruction manual, type label, product data sheet etc.). If necessary, missinf information are to be asked for at the Manufacturer. Relevant technical standards must be followed. Special, extreme installation conditions, such as for example vibrations, air humidity or special ambient air components must be agreed with the Manufacturer in writing.
  • 2. The installation and starting-up of the products may only be professionally performed by a qualified specialist in compliance with installation instructions from the product information.
  • 3. Cleaning and maintenance works shall be carried out, in accordance with product information, regularly and properly.
  • 4. Any alterations of the product or servicing of the product, such as programming or calibration of the LED drivers may be carried out exclusively by the manufacturer himself.
  • 5. The relevant, general and product-specific technical norms and regulations shall be respected, especially the permissible limit values for the environmental conditions and for electric installation.
  • 6. The products must not be subjects to mechanical, electrical or chemical stresses, that go beyond the intended use.
  • 7. The statutory guarantee rights of the Customer are not being excluded, restricted or amended by this Guarantee terms.

Restrictions of the guarantee:

  • 1. This Guarantee does not apply to product failures, that are already removed within the scope of the Guarantee through replacement, repair or price reduction. The Guarantee period shall not commence to run anew upon the fulfilment of the Guarantee.
  • 2. The guarantee will be cancelled immediately and legally if, without prior written consent of the Manufacturer, any modification, repairs, service works or fault corrections was made to the product by the Customer or third parties.
  • 3. The Guarantee only includes product failures for which there is evidence that these were caused by material, construction or production failures and which exceed the rated failure rate. The average rated failure rate of electronic products is 0,2% per 1000 operating hours. Exeption from the above mentioned operating conditions leads to a rise of rated failure rate.
  • 4. Guarantee claims made on the basis of defects, which arise from insufficient protection of product against overvoltages or from inadequate quality of electric supply network, are excluded explicitly.
  • 5. Luminous flux and electrical power of a new LED product are a subject to a technically related tolerance of up to 10%. Colour temperature and colour rendering index (Ra) as well, are a subject to a manufacturing related tolerance. Relating thereto product differences from the data in product information form no guarantee claim.
  • 6. For LED products a loss of luminous flux up to 0,6% per 1000 operating hours is a state of art. Also colour temperature and colour rendering index change with increasing operating time. This technically related ageing phenomena form no guarantee claim.
  • 7. The Guarantee does not apply to:
    • a. Any incidental costs that may arise in connection with the remedying of defects (Guarantee fulfilment) (e.g. expenses for assembly and disassembly, transport of the defected, repaired or new product, waste disposal, travel and siteto-quarters time, lifting gears, scaffoldings). This costs shall be borne by Customer.
    • b. Wearing parts such as plug connectors, cables or moving mechanical components.
    • c. Plastic components, e.g. made of polycarbonate, insofar as they discolour or embrittle due to the natural ageing processes.
    • d. Settings, or parameter settings on facilities, that changed due to wear, fatigue or contamination.
    • e. Product components, that are not part of main functionality of the product, such as racks, bluetooth modules, loudspeakers, indicating lamps etc.
    • f. Product defects that occur due to software errors, bugs, viruses and such.
    • g. Sporadically required services such as starting up after maintenance work etc.

The processing of Guarantee claims shall be carried out exclusively by the Manufacturer or specialized company or person authorized by him:

  • 1. Guarantee claims will only be valid if notified in writing within 30 days after discovering of the defect and upon presentation of the receipt of purchase and a proof of defect.
  • 2. If, after examining the product, it emerges that the product is defective, and that this is covered by the Guarantee, the Manufacturer may decide whether to repair the defected product, provide an equivalent product, or to reduce the purchase price instead.
  • 3. All replacement products or parts can contain new or reused materials that, in respect of new products or parts, are of the same value in terms or performance or reliability. The replacement product might, to a small (justifiable) extent, differ from the original product as regards dimensions and design. In the course of technical progress and user-dependent alteration of e.g. the luminous flux or colour temperature of products, subsequent deliveries of LED products can result in differences in the properties of the light in respect of the original products. “Reused materials” are parts or products which are used or have been overhauled and are not new. Although such parts or products are not new, their condition after being overhauled or repaired is as good as new in terms of performance or reliability. The functionality of all spare products or parts is the same as those of the product or part to be replaced. The replacement products or parts will preserve the remaining applicable Guarantee period of the product to be replaced or the product into which it is installed.
  • 4. The manufacturer bears liability for performing the Guarantee services, irrespective of the legal basis, exclusively on the basis of own General Terms and Conditions in the most current version, which can be requested by the Customer from the Manufacturer or can be found at GTC. In all other respects, any liability for damages is excluded.
  • Status as of August 2017