Competence of the roots of tradition

It’s year 1922. While the Weimar Republic is under growing pressure, there is a young innovative thinker riding his bicycle through Berlin on his way to Krupp and to Bewag. His name is Günther Vollberg and he wants to present his Patent, the quadruple circuit protection. The brand new product speaks for itself, on his way home Vollberg’s bag is full with orders. Elektron Berlin is born.

André Vollberg, son of the founder, follows his father’s path. He firstly is the manager of Elektron Berlin; later on he is the managing partner. He also kept his father’s ideals and follows the same principles, which are: The measurable utility and the noticeable happiness of the customer are the only things that count, and nothing else.

Even 100 years after the firm got founded nothing about this premises has changed. The mid-sized business Elektron Berlin invents, due to its expertise in the electro technical sector, revolutionary products for the market that delight the customers. Although a lot has changed over the past years, one thing deliberately has stayed the same: The Quality, the Safety and the Profitability for our customers.

„Technology is the effort to spare efforts“

José Ortega y Gasset