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Elektron Berlin – your expert in SCHUKO materials, CEE materials and many more

We've been operating in the area of electrical engineering with enormous know-how for more than 90 years and can offer our clients a variety of high-quality products and tailormade solutions. Always, when you need suitable SCHUKO material, tried-and-tested CEE material or other electrotechnical equipment you can count on us. Elektron Berlin offers the quality for the best and a first-class service.

As an experienced partner with comprehensive know-how we ensure, you can use perfectly fitted SCHUKO plugs, CEE plugs and many other products out of our rich portfolio. Our specialists in the field come straight to you and make a professional requirements analysis.

This guarantees, that you get a product which is optimal for your use – from CEE couplings to diamond cutting discs. In addition to standard models we can also produce individual special designs. To ensure the highest security, regular controls by VDE are for us obligatory.

LED lights for an efficient lighting

When looking for an energy- and cost-saving lighting for flawless lighting conditions, you can also thoroughly rely on us. We know exactly which LED lights are perfect for you and provide you reliably with energy efficient high bay downlights, diffuser luminaires, and other high-performance light sources of the newest LED technology stand. What's more, we have in our offer a variety of the most modern light sources, which win you over as much with their clearly reduced power consumption as with their long-lasting performance.